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Types of vagina: Shapes, sizes, colors, and more

Types of Vaginal Prolapse Anterior vaginal wall prolapse (cystocele and urethrocele). The anterior vaginal wall supports the bladder and the Posterior vaginal wall prolapse (rectocele). The supportive layer of the posterior vaginal wall is called the

Vulva - Wikipedia

There are many different types of vagina, and the shape, size, and color naturally vary. In this article, learn more about the types of vagina and when the appearance can indicate a health issue.

There are five different types of vaginas but only one

What are the types of vagina?

Types of vagina: What to know

The vagina is an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining that provides lubrication and sensation. The vagina connects the uterus to the outside world. The vulva and labia form the

12 Things to Know About “Outie” Vaginas: Types, Sensation

The vulva (plural: vulvas or vulvae; derived from Latin for wrapper or covering) consists of the external female sex organs.The vulva includes the mons pubis (or mons veneris), labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibular bulbs, vulval vestibule, urinary meatus, the vaginal opening, hymen, and Bartholins and Skenes vestibular glands.The urinary meatus is also included as it …

These are the five types of vaginas. Which one are you? vagina type

There are five different types of vaginas but only one that women want, apparently. 1. Ms. Curtains This is the most common shape, according to the professionals. The Ms Curtains shape gets its name 2. Ms Tulip Apparently, another common shape - you fall into the Ms Tulip category if your labia

13 Different Types of Vaginas: Full Guide2020

Types of prolapse. The 4 main types of prolapse are: the bladder bulging into the front wall of the vagina (anterior prolapse) the womb bulging or hanging down into the vagina (uterine prolapse) the top of the vagina sagging down – this happens to some women after they have had surgery to remove their womb